SCSBC Exec 2014/15

The SCSBC Exec run the boat club and make sure everything goes to plan. Below is a short introduction to this years team..

Captain of Boats: John-Luke Wilkinson

As a veteran rower, J-L has a vast knowledge and expertise in boats and rowing. His dedication and commitment to the Boat Club has been demonstrated while training for Henley in the Men’s VIII last year, while sweeping in tankards, medals and trophies from numerous victories. J-L is currently in his fourth year of Civil Engineering at Durham and his sixth year of rowing. He has been rowing at Cuths for three years now, and was previously a member of the exec last year as both boatman and Captain of Boats. He has experience of all sides of the club having coached and rowed in many types of boat, as well as taking on many backroom jobs, ranging from repairing boats to negotiating with Estates and Buildings or our insurers.

Senior Men’s Squad Captain: Hugh Crawshaw

Hugh is a second year Geographer. He has been rowing for over six years as part of St Paul’s School and SCSBC, the highlights of which include winning three national junior medals, qualifying for the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley, a very successful Head season at Durham and an exhilarating win at Hexham. Hugh brings his experience, dedication and abnormal height to the team, making him invaluable to the club.

Senior Women’s Squad Captain: Tabitha Serle

Tabitha is a second year Geography student and has rowed for 5 years. She is highly experienced in rowing technique, erging and boat handling. She is a dedicated member competing in the top boats at all events including WEHoRR and Durham Regatta. Tabitha works incredibly hard organising the women’s squad and bringing about the success they have enjoyed so far this year.

Men’s Novice Development Officers: Rob Sinclair and Kajwan Rasul

Kaj is a second year Physicist who learnt to row in the ranks SCSBC’s prestigious novice squad in his first year at Durham. The keenest of the freshers in his year, he knows how to motivate his novice rowers so that one day, they too can be like him.

Rob is a second year Natsci student who sculled for two years at Swindon BC before coming to Durham. During this time and during holidays Rob has helped teach beginners in doubles and coxed fours and quads. He brings his experience and his technical know-how to the novice squad. While not rowing, Rob likes to indulge in a bit of Wheelchair Basketball.

Women’s Novice Development Officers: Alex Cooper and Jess Wood

Jess ergs-like-a-lion Wood is a second year music student who arrived in Durham with limited rowing experience, however joined the senior squad immediately due to immense natural talent. She improved still rapidly and was able to row in the 1st VIII for WEHoRR and throughout regatta season, and was selected to row in the Bailey vs. Hill college boat race at Admiral’s regatta. She is passionate about ensuring the same level of improvement will be possible for this year’s novice squad.

Alex also rows. Alex is a second year studying Economics with French who learned to row as part of the novice squad last year. As the most improved novice woman in the squad she knows how to motivate and teach the girls to reach their full potential, just like she did.

Social Rowing Captain: Charlie Denney

Wooing us all with her inspirational campaign speech, we all knew the social rowers were in for a treat this year with Charlie at the helm. With high socialising capability, Charlie is in her third year studying International Relations and started rowing in the novice squad in her first year. She actually lives in Jersey out of term time and claims it is a nice place.

Head Cox: Jess Hof and Alistair Stewart

With great interpersonal skills, these two are well-suited to the position. Not only upbeat and enthusiastic, they are hard-working, organised and committed to the boat club. Jess is in her third year at the club and has coxed a number of experienced crews, leading many to victory. With her tongue-in-cheek forward attitude, she loves coxing and is our best when it comes to training new coxes. Alistair is the younger brother of our old Men’s Captain, Pete Stewart, a legend in SCSBC history and consequently Alistair works extra hard to make sure he lives up to the hype. With his can-do attitude and the presence of a much taller man, he has already had record success in cox recruitment this year.

Treasurer: Jas Tredget

Jas really does have all the experience needed to be the boat club treasurer; with previous Audit placements working for some big names (e.g. Deloitte), we are lucky to be able to draw on this fountain of financial knowledge. A second year at Cuths, she spent her first year rowing for the Senior Women’s squad and has definitely found love in SCSBC.

Sponsorship and Media Secretaries: Tom Triffitt and Seb Dooley

Although Tom no longer rows, he became invaluable to the boat club last year due to his irreplaceable talent for graphic design and media sense as last year’s S&M Secretary. A fourth year Physicist, he started at SCSBC as a fresher and rowed for 3 years, reaching his peak in the Men’s HoRR 2013 crew. He is known for rowing when he wants, rowing when he wants, an incident at DARC after a night in Newcastle, arm days in the gym and rowing when he wants. Dislikes: leg day.

Seb is 6 ft 6 with great hair and 20/20 vision. Also a fourth year, he studies Natsci, although also majoring in Physics. More commonly known as ‘The Cord’, he enjoys doing Hatfield steps, squatting, dead lifts and is more commonly seen these days coaching the Senate squad after his success in their BUCS crew in previous years. Due to his height, Seb started out as a DUBC fresher in his first year and will never let you see the end of his DUBC stash.

Social Secretary: Allie Macfarlane

The big hairy man shouting in the background, Allie is hard to miss. Having done his undergrad at Glasgow University, where he learnt to row, Allie has previous experience rowing in colder climes. After joining us last year whilst doing an MA in English lit, and remaining with us for his PhD, Allie is still keen to beat Edinburgh University when they come down to Tyne, and remind everyone of the time Glasgow beat Durham when they came North of the Border. He is one of the friendliest and most organised members of the boat club and makes sure there is always a craicing social to look forward to. With plans for a ceilidh in spring term, he will make this a year not to be missed for its socials.

Boatman: Andy Bridgman

A member of SCSBC for the past two years, Andy has definitely taken more than just rowing from the boatclub. Passionate, and knowledgable about boats and with a strong background in fixing sailing dinghies, Andy learns from his mentor J-L and makes sure our boats are perfectly maintained day-to-day. A third year Physicist, Andy has a technical mind and will go undoubtedly far. He is also nearly the best erg sprinter in the club; with a bit more work, he could be the very best.

Regatta Secretary: Lucy Iball

Lucy is a fourth year Chemist and has dedicated herself to rowing over her time here. With more wins and rowing achievements than can possibly be listed, Lucy captained the Women’s Squad last year to numerous victories and the most successful year for the Women’s squad in recent times, with accolades including setting the fastest time ever recorded for a Cuths Women’s crew at WEHoRR. She has rowed not only for SCSBC, but also for the senate crew and for DUBC all at the same time. Given this spectacular array of triumphs, she really is great at taking minutes at meetings and making sure the boatclubs keeps up with all the paperwork rowing has to offer.

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