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Rutherford Head 2014

Women’s Squad

Written by Squad Captain Tabitha Serle

The women’s senior squad performed very well at Rutherford Head this weekend. The IM2 4 of Rosi, Jas, Jess and Tabitha, with a fantastic surprise cox of Dan Slavin, raced well in a very competitive category, just 0.4 seconds off Hatfield, last year’s racing rivals. The IM3 4 of Lydia, Claire, Hester and Vixy coxed by Alistair also performed well, confirming the depth we have within the squad.

In the afternoon the IM3 and novice 8s raced. The IM3 8 of Rosi, Jess, Tara, Vixy, Lydia, Claire, Lucy and Tabitha coxed by Fiona were fastest intermediate 8 of the day, a very positive result for the first eight’s race of the year! The novice 8 of Ella S, Helen, Hester, Darcey, Ella H, Chloe, Katie and Alex coxed by Alistair did very well, battling technical issues that forced them to race without a person for 3km, yet still beating a number of university crews!

After a set of promising results we’re all looking forward to Senate Cup on 10th December.