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Tyne United SBH – Race Report

Men’s Squad:

Strong start of the head season from SCSBC men’s squad on Saturday with two fours racing at Tyne United Small Boats Head. One crew made up of Fiona Hardyman, Will Moreland, Seb Dooley, J-L Wilkinson and Ivor Green. The other, Adam Wilson, Alasdair Macfarlane, Tim Seeger, Hugh Crawshaw and Javan Cook. Both fours easily won their respective races of IM2 4+ and IM3 4+, beating every other Durham college crew competing. Special mentions go to Alasdair and Hugh, this being their first races for Cuths after joining at the beginning of this year.

Women’s Squad:

Saturday was a successful day for the women’s squad! We had two IVs racing in the IM3 4+ category alongside Tyne United. The IV consisting of Ellie Phipps, Lucy Iball, Ffion Roberts, Charlie Denney and Tabitha Serle were the fastest overall college crew, beating Hatfield’s IM2 crew by 0.4s.  Our other IV of Mike Foulkes, Lydia Backhaus, Jasmine Tredget, Kiera Rosenwold and Bethany Kazmierski also did very well, beating a number of the other college crews and recovering well after a few issues in the first half of the race to finish strong.

Overall it was a great start to the head season and sets us up well for the races to come!

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Mike, Lydia, Jasmine, Kiera and Beth in action.                             Ellie, Will, Seb, J-L and Ivor cruising to victory

(Photos courtesy of Evie Harrison Photography)