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New SCSBC Exec Elected for 2013/14

The time has finally come to announce the men and women taking on the prestigious responsibilities of running Durham University’s premier college boat club, SCSBC, for the coming academic year. Those chosen to take these roles are listed below along with a few positions that remained to be filled on the date of our AGM. For the next year, the names of the exec will be found under the ‘about’ tab, under ‘exec’.


Captain of Boats: John-Luke Wilkinson

As a veteran rower, J-L has a vast knowledge and expertise of boats and rowing. His dedication and commitment to the Boat Club has been demonstrated while training for Henley in the Men’s VIII last year, while sweeping in tankards, medals and trophies from numerous victories

Senior Men’s Squad Captain: Seb Dooley

More commonly known as ‘The Cord’, Seb’s enthusiasm and experience make him the ideal Men’s Captain. Having previously rowed with DU and our Men’s Henley crew, Seb plans to ensure the men’s squad continues to put in solid performances with the aim of winning many more trophies this coming year.

Senior Women’s Squad Captain: Beth Kazmierski and Lucy Iball

Beth and Lucy have rowed together on numerous occasions creating a great partnership between them; both of them have won various races over their rowing careers. They aim to improve the way the women’s squad works and hopefully build on the achievements of this year.

Men’s Novice Development Officer: Adam Wilson and Ivor Green

Adam has had many years of rowing making him one of the most experienced freshers. He hopes to bring new training methods from his Celtic roots and introduce them to the new batch of fresher rowers. Ivor’s unique personality and enthusiasm make him suited for this role; he aims to pass on his knowledge from training with the Senior Men’s VIII to the newcomers. No doubt that these two will ensure the best training is given to everyone.

Women’s Novice Development Officer: Caitlin Helmers

Caitlin is in charge of the Women’s Novice Squad, this  means organising coxing, coaching, racing and training for the squad. Having rowed for Cuth’s in her first year, Caitlin is keen to ensure that the freshers this year are given the proper attention and training to give them a solid platform for rowing with the senior crews in future years. We all look forward to seeing our freshers rowing in the Novice Cup in November.

Head Cox: Ellie Phipps and Emily Greenaway

Having coxed many crews of various levels for both men and women, Ellie and Emily have a decent amount of coxing experience between them. They aim to provide rigorous training and a warm welcome to all new coxes.

Treasurer: Cat Conquest and Ffion Roberts

These two Mathematicians are well suited to the job of Treasurer. Cat and Ffion have been rowing for one year and have already shown their dedication to the boat club. They aim to improve on their rowing success this year and to ensure the Boat Club’s spending remains sensible and relevant for all members.

Boatman/Water Safety Officer: John-Luke Wilkinson

As well as being the Boat Club Captain, J-L has also adopted the role of Boatman with his years of mending and playing with boats. If you break a boat, he will fix it! Although you may incur his wrath…

Regatta Secretary: Seb Dooley

Seb Dooley, also the Men’s Captain, has taken the role of Regatta Secretary for this year. His organisational skills and attention to detail will ensure that all crews will be entered, without fail, to all their races throughout the year.

Sponsorship Secretary/Publicity Officer: Daniel Rowbottom and Tom Triffitt

Daniel has been with the Boat Club for three years, winning various head races and regattas in both IVs and VIIIs. He has previous experience working on the Exec and knows how the boat club functions. Tom is a loyal member of the Boat Club, rowing for the last two years and has been heavily involved with the Men’s crew. They both aim to search long and far for sponsorship and to publicise the Boat Club as much as possible.

Social Secretary: Ellie Phipps and Sasha Storey

Contrast to popular belief, rowing is not just about training and outings. Ellie and Sasha will organise socials for the whole Club to attend and enjoy throughout the year. We look forward to our annual Boat Club Dinner already!

Students/staff of Durham University can get in touch with exec members through the university directory. Anyone else please email the webmaster ( stating who you would like to get in touch with and your message will be forwarded.


HoRR on 23rd March

The Men’s VIII will be racing at HoRR this year. They will be starting from the unfortunate position of 368 due to problem’s with the steering at last year’s event. They will of course need as much support as possible to push them past as many crews as possible. So get down to Putney/Hammersmith Bridge/anywhere…Read More

WeHoRR and Yorkshire Head

The 9th of March saw the women racing at WeHoRR, see a picture of them racing here: At the Yorkshire Head of the River Race, a Men’s IM2 4+, a Novice Women’s 4+ and a Novice Men’s 2x all raced. The men’s IM2 4+ won their category and the other two boats did very…Read More